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Longyi are Comfortable:

Loose fitting, airy and light, our 100% cotton longyi feel good - perfect for a day at the beach, an afternoon by the pool or just lounging around the house. Not that you'd do that of course.

Longyi are Sustainable:

Our longyi are hand-made from locally sourced materials near Mandalay, Myanmar. No nasty micro-plastics in the cotton or the dye and, because they're woven by hand on traditional looms, they have a relatively low carbon footprint. Your purchase helps provide a sustainable income for local craftsmen and helps preserve a traditional Burmese art form.

Longyi are Fun:

You're wrapped in a cool, unique longyi and those other guys aren't. You feel the breeze but are protected from the sun. You're loose, with complete range of motion and freedom of movement. Board shorts? Nah. We'll go with the longyi, thanks.