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Movie Night "Jazz The Glass"

Come to Ossies Sat, April 27th 6:30-8pm for Movie Night 

and Tastee Tiki Hawaiin Food Cart!


From Stoke Films, the creators of Invasion! From Planet C, comes Jazz The Glass, the pirate surf movie. Watch as Captain Blackstoke and his depraved crew of point shredding swashbucklers destroy The Earl of Poon and his kook entourage.

Jazz The Glass was directed by Reverend Speefnarkle (aka David M. Potter). It stars Earnest Humperdankle, Flo Humperdankle, The Pukester, Ryan Burghard, Jon Steele, Charles Laughton, Randolph Scott, John Carradine. Surf footage by Jon Steele. Thanks to Bobby Lurie, Chad Marshall, Matt Wesson, Mollusk, Surf A Pig, Speefnarkle Ministries



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Become a NSSIA Certified Surf Instructor!

 Announcing NSSIA Surf Instructor Certification Class, get certified to be a surf instructor, Ossies Surf Shop is presenting an opportunity for individuals who would like to become certified.  We will help you through the course work and NSSIA representatives will be in Newport this summer to proctor the exam so you do not need to travel to Socal to take it.  Ossies is also offering a surf instructor mentoring program to help achieve the hours required for certification.  Click the link below for more details.