Ossies Surf Instructors

Ossies has hand picked the most experienced, knowledgeable and friendly staff of surf instructors on the Oregon coast. All of Ossies Surf Shop’s lessons are taught by local surfing legends whom hold current CPR and first aid cards. Ossies Surf Shop is the ideal place to learn to surf due to the fact that you can walk to and from the surf! Our shop is located right across from Agate Beach, the premier surfing location on the central Oregon coast. That means no need to transport wet sandy boards or wetsuits in your car! You can even show up for a surfing rental or lesson on a bicycle or motorcycle! Read below to learn more about the individual surfing instructors who are ready to get you stoked on surfing in Oregon at Ossies Surf Shop in Agate Beach.

"The National Association of Surf Schools and Instructors (NSSIA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering surf etiquette, water safety, and quality instruction programs for surfers through professional instructor development, education, accreditation and research."

Dan Hasselschwert, NSSIA Certified, Hawaii Tow Surfing Certified, First Aid/CPR Certified 

Ossies Surf Shop Owner Dan Hasselschwert has been surfing for 18+ years and has given thousands of surfing lessons. Dan is a licensed teacher in Oregon with a masters degree in curriculum and instruction. Dan started giving surf lessons to his middle school students in Waldport in the year 2000. Today, in addition to local 4H surfing clubs in Newport and Waldport, Dan started and still teaches the first college accredited surfing course in Oregon history at Oregon State University. This means that you can count on professional, quality instruction and positive results! Interested in tow-in surfing lessons? Dan has been towing 40ft. plus waves since 2004 and offering different levels of tow-in surfing lessons. Whether your a first time surfer looking to get into the sport or an experienced big wave rider looking to take your skills to the next level, Ossies surf shop will customize a surf lesson to meet your needs.

Ollie Richardson, NSSIA Certified, Hawaii Tow Surfing Certified, Basic Water Rescue Certified, First Aid/CPR Certified 

Ollie “The Real Deal” Richardson has lived on the Oregon Coast his entire life while growing up and learning how to surf in Coos Bay. He learned with his Dad (Spike) & Brother (Larz) when he was 9 years old with a hand-shaped 9'6 LB and no wetsuit. His most enjoyable sessions to this day are surfing with his family and close friends anywhere on the beautiful Oregon Coast. Ollie owes almost everything in his life to surfing and without it he would have never met his wife or all of his closest friends. He understands how powerful the ocean and waves can be and how a surfers life can be influenced in a positive way. He said, "Teaching beginners how to surf is so much fun and watching them stand up for the first time or get that one good ride reminds me of the exhilarating feeling I had on my first wave"! As the saying goes, it only takes 1 wave to change the rest of your life! If you want to do something fun that is both physically and emotionally challenging, while having the time of your life, then sign up today for a surf lesson with Ollie and let his contagious stoke overwhelm all of your senses.

Clinton Cregger, NSSIA Certified 

Kirk Tice, NSSIA Certified 

Scott Siegal

Aidan Hidalgo 

Trevor Tice

Taylor Tice

Leslye Meyers